The JBA Community Helps Each Other

March 27th, 2020

The coronavirus crisis has created challenges for all of us, but the problems HR practitioners must solve are particularly tough. Josh Bersin provided his insight in a message last week and he’ll also be hosting a webinar on March 31 to discuss this more in-depth.

At the Josh Bersin Academy, our group of global learners are sharing their experiences, asking questions, and offering support around everything related to the coronavirus crisis. On March 26, we dedicated our monthly members webinar to discussions about the coronavirus. We also have a new group within our Community dedicated to the issue. Here are some of the topics they’re discussing:

Leadership: Right now, the spotlight is on leaders of corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies as we all search for a path forward. In the JBA, members are sharing stories of great leadership in action and discussing the qualities all leaders need to succeed.

Remote work: HR leaders around the world are spearheading a massive shift to remote work, as employees are mandated to stay home and follow other public health guidelines. Some JBA members are used to working in-person, and their organizations are too. They’re offering tips, tools, and tricks to help make the switch to remote work as smooth as possible, and gearing up to take the Remote Work Bootcamp together soon.

Support for managers: Relationships between managers and their direct reports are being tested as everyone is working in new environments. As HR professionals, many JBA members are fielding questions from managers about how to best help their teams remotely.

Parenting: Now that many employees are juggling working from home and teaching/caring for their children, new norms are establishing themselves each day. In the JBA, members are sharing online education tools and helping each other as they figure out how to best support their employees who are parents.

We’re grateful to our members for their eagerness to jump in and help each other in this time. If you’d like to be a part of this growing global community of HR professionals, join the Josh Bersin Academy today.