The HR Tech Workshop - Trends Report 2020

March 4th, 2020

We’re excited to share with you our next Trends Report from the Josh Bersin Academy, The HR Tech Trends Report. Using data collected from our HR Tech Workshop, this report shares our perspective on where the HR Tech market is headed and how our members are leveraging (and struggling with) HR technology, data and insights from members of the JBA, and actionable takeaways from the Program.

In the report you’ll find:

  • JBA member surveys on the status of HR Tech in their own organizations
  • Josh’s take on the “Experience” Era of HR Tech
  • Guidance on how to effectively evaluate new HR Tech
  • Best practices on implementing HR Tech
  • Real-life examples from leading an organizations

After you’ve digested the report, why not jump in and learn even more? Our next session of the HR Tech Workshop starts on March 16th. The program helps HR professionals make sense of the crowded HR tech landscape so they can make better decisions. Join the Josh Bersin Academy today to enroll in the HR Tech Workshop (and lots of other great programs!).

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