Introducing the Voice, Values, and HR Program

February 27th, 2020

Managing values conflicts is a core part of our work in HR. Our brand new program, The Voice, Values and HR Program offers a new approach for how to do this work by voicing, acting on, and listening to values. The Program is available in the Josh Bersin Academy from today.

Created in partnership with professor Mary Gentile, this Program is based on her Giving Voice to Values (GVV) methodology. GVV is not about persuading people to be more ethical. Instead, it starts from the viewpoint that most people know their values and want to act on them, but they’re not sure how to do so in the workplace. GVV is about giving people those tools.

The Voice, Values and HR Program brings the GVV model to HR professionals, helping you to create organizations where employees at all levels are able to effectively raise and resolve values conflicts. Here’s a look at four major themes the Voice, Values, and HR Program explores:

Values Conflicts: Organizations do not have values. People do. As the central hub for people, HR is bound to get involved in values conflicts when they arise. What are values conflicts and how can we start to see them as a normal part of the modern workplace?

Strategic Voice: Once you’re in a values conflict, how do you get out? Using your voice effectively takes practice and strategic thinking. Consider the most common blocks to voicing values, how we can get in our own way, and how to speak up strategically.

Acting on Values: Thinking strategically about voicing our values is the first part of a bigger process: acting on our values. Explore the tools that can help us when we move into action—from reframing values conflicts so they can become productive to enlisting allies.

Listening for Values: As values issues increasingly take a front seat in organizations, HR has a huge role to play that goes beyond voicing to listening when those issues are raised. How can we listen—so that values conflicts can truly be addressed?

Learn more about the Voice, Values, and HR Program here.