What Community Means in the Josh Bersin Academy

January 17th, 2020

Collaboration is vital to the top-notch learning experience we provide at the Josh Bersin Academy. Members learn within the Academy’s Programs and from each other. We take the resulting sense of community seriously—and literally. Meet the Community page, which helps facilitate conversations, idea generation, and in-person interactions.

The Community page is where JBA members come to interact outside of the traditional Programs and Resources—which is where they spend most of their learning time. In Community, members post about new presentations they’ve seen, proposals their team is considering, conferences they’re attending, and more. Posts are tagged by topic, so learners can click on something like “Performance Management” and see what their colleagues have to say about it.

Josh Bersin and other JBA leaders post in Community frequently, asking for feedback, sharing exclusive insider knowledge (like Josh’s recent HR Technology Market 2020 report), and promoting meaningful conversation. It’s not uncommon for a JBA member to write an insightful post or share an interesting article and return to see an encouraging comment or emoji from Josh. Or for Josh to ask for a quick brainstorm on something he’s had on his mind and see members jump in with their feedback, ideas, and experiences.

The Community helps the Academy grow, improve, and become even more valuable to members. Want to be a part of the growth of HR? Join the Josh Bersin Academy and get your voice heard today.