Premium Program Round Up

December 16th, 2019

In 2019, the Josh Bersin Academy launched eight premium Programs for HR professionals. These Programs sparked conversations, fueled change, and inspired learners to take control over their growth in the world of HR. Check out summaries of each Program below, and be sure to join the Josh Bersin Academy today to sign up. We’ll be running sessions of these Programs throughout 2020, and we’ll be adding completely new Programs every quarter (more on that tomorrow).

The Agile Learning Organization: The Agile Learning Organization is designed to help us look at the role learning needs to play at our organizations and how that learning aligns with our business strategy. This Program challenges us to think differently—to learn ourselves—and to reimagine the power and purpose of learning more broadly. Next Session: January 15

HR in the Age of AI: HR in the Age of AI is a comprehensive Program built in partnership with IBM to help HR organizations thrive in the world of AI. The Program looks at exactly what AI is and how the best HR teams can use AI to transform the way they work at three different levels: across the enterprise, in the HR function itself, and at the level of individual. Next Session: January 29

People Analytics: This Program, built in partnership with Visier, prepares you and your team to get better data, find insights faster, and translate them into lasting business outcomes. The goal is to help HR practitioners at all levels become more fluent in the language of data, more sophisticated users of analytics tools, and more comfortable using data to power their decisions. Next Session: February 10

The Strategic HR Business Partner: Great HR Business Partners must balance strategy and execution. They must have an intimate understanding of business challenges and be able to re-frame them through the lens of talent and employee experience. They must ask great questions and design creative solutions. This Program is for HR professionals committed to taking their work to the next level. Next Session: February 17

Performance Management Reimagined: The Program offers insights into how changes in performance management impact our organizational cultures, discusses what hurdles we may face, and inspires discussion around how we can actually take action. It asks us to look at our current performance management systems and identify and reimagine areas that can (and must!) be improved. Next Session: February 26

People as Competitive Advantage: This Program is all about people. How do we attract and retain the right people? How do we engage them? What does digital mean for our people, our customers, and the ways we work? How do we redesign our organizations to best leverage, empower, and inspire them? Next Session: March 4

The HR Tech Workshop: The HR Tech Workshop is designed for HR professionals who are responsible for designing, implementing, and transforming the HR tech ecosystem in their organizations, either directly or indirectly. It introduces an iterative process for assessing, discovering, testing, scaling, and improving HR technology and asks you to go through that process as a team. Next Session: March 16

Wellbeing at Work: This Program explores Josh Bersin’s framework for building and sustaining comprehensive wellbeing initiatives. Wellbeing at Work starts by dissecting the evolution of the employee wellbeing space and asks you to take a look at what is already happening at your organization. Then, it dives into the key areas that make up a holistic wellbeing program: mental resilience, physical health & nutrition, financial fitness, and family & community elements. Next Session April 16