The People Analytics Program is Here

November 12th, 2019

We’re excited to announce the launch of the latest Program in the Josh Bersin Academy, “People Analytics,” developed in partnership with Visier.

“People Analytics” is designed to help us make sense of the data swirling around our organizations and provide us with the tools we need to harness it. The Program is comprised of five modules: The Analytics Revolution, Creative Questions, Meaningful Data, Insightful Analysis, and Persuasive Communication.

The Program launches on November 13 and is available immediately for our enterprise customers. You can read the full press release here.

Here’s a look into the five major themes the People Analytics Program explores:

1. Embrace the Analytics Revolution: Analytics is already transforming HR at its core. To wrap our heads around it, we need to understand the past and future of people analytics as a tool and technique. It’s time to explore the opportunity people data represents, and take steps to leverage that opportunity in our daily work.

2. Ask Creative Questions: There are a lot of questions that we’ve been asking in the HR function for many years that are no longer serving us, or that don’t get at the insights we really need. It’s time to start turning over our questions, shaking them up, and breaking them into new and more interesting pieces to get at the fundamental opportunities and challenges facing HR.

3. Find Meaningful Data: Once we know what it is we want to test for—what questions we need to ask—our next challenge is looking in the right place. That might mean running our own experiments or surveys; it might require us to comb through other data sets in pursuit of the information we need. It also requires us to understand what good data looks like and the steps we can take to gather it.

4. Engage in Thoughtful Analysis: We don’t have to be data scientists to pull useful patterns and insights from data. More often than not, we will need to bring in experts for in-depth analysis, but all of us can learn to be more data-literate, to understand the difference between reporting and analyzing, and to pull high-level takeaways from the data sets in front of us.

5. Tell Persuasive Stories: We can ask all the right questions and look at all the right data but still get nowhere if we don’t tell the right story with it. Once we’ve completed an analysis, our next task is to assemble the insights into a compelling story that will help us enact or inspire real change.

Learn more about the People Analytics Program here.