The Corporate Wellbeing Market

November 6th, 2019

While the corporate wellbeing market continues to boom, the actual health and wellness of employees—generally—is not improving as much as we’d expect. In his white paper “The Corporate Wellbeing Market: Explosive Growth Continues,” Josh Bersin addresses the wellbeing-related problems employees (and, therefore, employers) are facing, explores the vast marketplace of solutions, and shares data and insights on the future of wellbeing at work.

In his paper, Josh describes the shift in perception of wellbeing programs—from “nice to haves” to expected. Regardless of how sophisticated or comprehensive the program, Josh believes they all need to align with basic business strategy: employees with a healthy handle on their mental, physical, and social health perform better and cost less than employees whose wellbeing is not at its best.

Today, most of us accept the fact that it’s worth an organization’s time and money to invest in a comprehensive wellbeing program for employees. But defining exactly what that type of program looks like, given the vast array of options on the market, can be tricky. To help us get there, Josh suggests that most of our corporate wellbeing efforts follow a four-level trajectory as we strive for increased employee vitality and business performance.* He also offers five steps aimed to help guide HR professionals as we work to develop top-tier corporate wellbeing programs.

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