Transforming HR, From the Inside-Out

July 8th, 2019

At the Josh Bersin Academy we often talk about how HR needs to transform to meet 21st-century workplace challenges, it’s why the Academy was founded in the first place! Recently, we’ve started to see that transformation really kick into a higher gear.

According to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends, 40% of companies are in the process of transforming or restructuring their HR function. This means HR leaders must continuously update their skills, capabilities, and knowledge of best practices. They must stay up to speed on new technologies, tools, and uses of data. And ultimately, they must lead and facilitate the transformation of their organizations. This is no easy task.

Deloitte also reports of all the talent and business priorities listed, 66% rated “upgrading or improving skills of HR team” as urgent or highly important. This rated fourth in overall priority after business leadership, organizational improvement, and innovation.

The good news is HR is needed now more than ever. The not so good news; only 1 in 5 HR leaders feels very prepared to handle the biggest challenges that face organizations across the globe today. So, how can you and your HR team be prepared to drive transformation? Here are three things to start thinking about:

1. Strategic Leadership—plan early on

According to DDI’s recent Leadership Forecast, 71% of HR professionals see an increased need to become a trusted senior advisor to the business. HR has finally moved away from being back-office personnel running paychecks, to strategic business partners helping every single person across the organization get their work done in a more effective, productive, and satisfying manner. However, too often there’s a weak link between strategic planning and HR planning with only 28% of HR professionals reporting the connection is tight and starts early in the planning process.

2. Digital Analytics—use it as an accelerator

Building digital organizations require a reset of talent and leadership infrastructures. The HR function must transform to become nimbler, data-driven, tech-savvy, and tied to the evolving business needs. Doing so can make or break your career—HR professionals succeeding with advanced analytics are 6x more likely to have new advancement opportunities, and 3x times more likely to have a stronger reputation with senior business leaders. If you’re feeling unsure where to start, don’t fret you’re not alone, only 16% of HR professionals feeling very prepared to operate in a digital environment.

3. Agility— it’ll better position you for inevitable change

Successful HR leaders today have agile mindsets, they know how to lead their teams to be nimble, flexible, and adaptable to change—ultimately making them better positioned to lead their organization through transformation. Organizational agility requires understanding and anticipation of how the market environment will change so that its leaders can maneuver successfully and rapidly. Agile organizations have leaders who are better positioned to meet this challenge, leaders are 3.2x more prepared to anticipate and react to the nature and speed of change and 1.2x more capable of responding to the competitive environment.

In many ways, HR is a craft, not a profession, where expertise comes from experience, communities of practice, and mentorship. The Josh Bersin Academy is here to help you build the capabilities and mindset to modernize, energize, and empower your HR team to transform your organization.

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