New Partnership with IBM brings HR into the Age of AI

July 31st, 2019

As Josh Bersin shares in his recent article, HR in the Age of AI: Lots of Change Ahead, the most transformative and disruptive trend affecting organizations across the globe is the explosive impact of AI. Many companies are now leveraging AI heavily in the HR function. For us as HR leaders, AI will change every process we touch. The way we source, assess, hire, train, develop, pay, and move people is all being informed by AI.

That’s why the Academy has partnered with one of the world’s leading innovators in AI, IBM to develop a new program on “HR in the Age of AI”.

The Program will leverage IBM’s deep expertise in AI, with their world-leading Watson technology and DeepQA project, but more importantly the Program will explore the trailblazing application of AI by IBM’s HR Team.The HR Team at IBM recently redesigned its HR service delivery strategy to leverage intelligent agents to help employees and managers answer questions and make decisions about roles, careers, salaries, and learning. The Program takes many of the key learnings and best practices from implementing AI across their talent function and features video lessons from IBM’s HR leaders.

The new Program will launch to our individual and team Academy members on September 30th (members can enroll in the Program from today) and will be available to our Enterprise customers from late August.